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Curry-Insel - Bewertung

am 1. Jänner 2013
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I am not sure if the restaurant is trying to save money by serving such tiny portions, the Dahl, which is cheap any way, was served in a tiny steel bowl and the curry had tiny bits of shredded chicken I could hardly see! The food was not as spicey as it could/should have been.
The staff are very friendly and I was told that I could have asked for more Dahl, but should I really have to ask for more?!
I must say I will not be going again for a curry. :(

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am 14. Februar 2015 um 11:59

Ich würde einer Eintagsfliege nach 2 Jahren nicht mehr antworten.

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am 14. Februar 2015 um 09:50

The small portions in metal bowls are meant to be mixed with other kinds of stuff. I think they even write in the menu that they recommend two or three curries in metal bowls to mix. There is a regular assortment of dishes also. On regular plates. What I like for example is "Sadaam", a large plate with rice in the middle and surrounded by one meat and three vegetable curries. You won´t feel hungry after that ;)

However, it seems to me that this was a misunderstanding.

Oh, and because I know the location from the "olden days" when it was in - er - another location...they were always happy if you asked them for a bit more ("Nachschlag"), though they don´t emphasize it anymore after moving to the "posh" place like...10 years ago or so.

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