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Good Restaurant near center (Stephenplaz). Help!

Gestartet von am 22. November 2012 um 21:15

We a group from Russia. 2 x and 2 y. We want to make reservation for a good Restaurant near center (Stephenplaz) in 22-00 until 24-00 31.12.2012. Good food - normal Price and imagines atmosphere. Do You know something like we are looking? Thank you for your help!!

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Antwort von am 1. Dezember 2012 um 17:08

Could be tricky, as in the Inner City there is a big street festival every Silvester (31.12) thus it is very crowded. Any most good restaurants offer set-menus that take the whole evening as it is a special occasion.

Perhaps you could try out the "Frank's" ( which is a large American style restaurant near the Schwedenplatz Subwaystation which is in walking distance to Stephensplace.

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Antwort von Denis Krauze am 1. Dezember 2012 um 17:42
Denis Krauze
Kein Tester
Antwort von Unregistered am 1. Dezember 2012 um 18:36

Small Swiss restaurant close to Stephansdom selling cheese fondue, but no idea, if it is open on new year's eve.


Kein Tester
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