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Sri-Thai-Imbiss - Bewertung

am 18. April 2011
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Offiziell kinderfeindlich

Absolutely outrageous that these people claim kids are not allowed in. There is no law preventing that, they just hate childeren in this place. People should boycott it!


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Kommentare (2)

ej am 3. August 2011 um 10:11

I have visited the place a couple of times and I would like to make a few things clear. The Thai lady behaves a little bit unconventional according to our habits in Europe, but the food is really very good and authentical.
Regarding the problem with the kids: That's not because they don't WANT any kids in there, they are NOT ALLOWED to have any kids in there BY LAW! It's forbidden to have kids in a place where the kitchen is included in the same room where you eat. THAT'S the reason why they can't allow them in.

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jd am 18. April 2011 um 12:51

sounds to be a silent place to eat. i will join it soon. no dogs, no kids - very fine.

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