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Luftburg - Bewertung

am 2. April 2011
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The setting is nice and the refurbishment is very good.
We were a large group everyone was happy with the Stelzers. Though be aware that they are very big and very overpriced. A small Stelzer cost 18euro! The schnizel was not very good at all. In fact the whole menu is totally overpriced!! The waiters were rude and I would advise anyone else going there to watch out for the waiter's tricks. On a few occasions we ordered one item and the waiter automatically brought two, he added this then as extra on to the bill at the end. These kind of tricks are not acceptable!! We ended up being charged for a number of extra things that all went to waste. Also keep a record of the number of beers you had, we think they cheated here too!! As a couple we paid 80euro dinner...which is a reasonable amount to pay but not for a Stelzer and Schnitzel followed by a few beers. Based on our experiences I would not recommend this place. A shame because the actual look of the place is quite nice.

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Kommentare (3)

Thomas am 12. Juli 2011 um 16:56

Ist nicht das selbe Unternehmen also nicht die selben Kellner ;)

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am 4. April 2011 um 09:18

Für mich sieht das eher so aus, als würden die Kellner vom Schweizerhaus jetzt auch in der Luftburg arbeiten. Was hier beschrieben wird sind nämlich die typischen Tricks von diesen.

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Unregistered am 2. April 2011 um 18:10

In my opionion you had a bad day there. Usually this place serves good food and has nice stuff.

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