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am 7. März 2013
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I have eaten in Benkei at least 10 times. Unfortunately, I am not going back again!
First the positive: the makis (some of them) are outstanding! Good miso soup, spring rolls and other starters. Several delicious main courses (fish, tempura etc.) as well. Ambience is simple, but genuine. The younger waitress has been very friendly.
Negative: rude, pushy and extremely unfriendly proprietors that try to push expensive items that are not listed in the menu (e.g. edamame beans and king crab handrolls). Most menu items are reasonably priced, so it is a real shock to receive the bill with the off menu items being priced at a whole different level. Recently, I have had incidents where the proprietors have been trying to convince me very hard to choose items other than the ones I have ordered (I know the menu very well). Coincidentally, the items that the proprietors have been trying to push have all happened to be much more expensive items.
The outright rudeness has been very unpleasant, but also highly embarrasing, since I have brought friends to dine with me (i.e. brought more business to Benkei... well, NOT again!)
Conclusion: the food is very good, but I prefer a restaurant where repeat business is appreciated, not punished, and where I as a guest am allowed to choose what I would like to eat. I also prefer a place where the proprietors are not trying to push overpriced items on me, and where I am not made to feel embarrased in front of friends that I have brought with me. Therefore, even though I like the food, I cannot see myself going back - it would be too masochistic!

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Gabriele am 13. Mai 2013 um 16:15

Unfortunately I have to fully agree with Ritas comments. Was the most unpleasant, embarrasing business lunch appointment with my bosses. Never ever again - and concerning food - due too the whole situation nobody enjoyed. Just quickly leave and NEVER again. Was i waste of money!!!!!!!

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