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Brandauers Bierbögen - Bewertung

am 2. März 2013
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A relative of mine had suggested for our recent get-together “Brandauer’s Bierbogen”, close to the Spittelau Station of the Viennese subway system. It’s located underneath several of the elevated aqueduct-like arches of one of Vienna’s suburban train lines (no longer used on that section).

It was winter time… so, no sitting outside which, according to my relative, is quite enjoyable.

The place is huge… split level… which can present a problem for some of us… when you sit at a table at street level and have to go to the bathrooms, you have to manage a long flight of stairs because the bathrooms are located on the second floor. Also, the smoking area is very large, extends from street level to second floor; non-smoking section is separated, with an automatic sliding door.

We came early, around 4 P.M., the place was half empty. Sitting down at a table the waiter informed us that it was reserved for some time later, around 7.30 P.M. Not wanting to be rushed, we had to settle at a table close to the bar. And sure enough, a couple of hours later, the place was cracking full (and the noise level was getting high). That means, if you want to go there, you better make a reservation.

Food is average good Viennese home cooking (Hausmannskost); dishes are mainly meat-based, and if you are a Schnitzel-fan, you will not be disappointed. They even had ribs on the menu though from the look at it — guests at the table next to us had them — I don’t think they would have passed as ribs in Texas.

My relative had a cordon bleu — a huge piece, came with potato salad — and was very satisfied.

That day being a Friday (which for me means: fish day… I love fish) I searched the menu for fish but couldn’t find but a single entry: grilled Zander, a pike-perch, close in taste to the walleye. I double-checked with the waiter whether it really would be grilled… yes, of course, he assured me, so I ordered it. It came on a huge bed of parsley potatoes and broccoli. The only problem: it wasn't grilled, it was sauté-ed, and of insipid taste. Not what I had hoped for…a bit disappointing.

Beer is O.K.; they have their house beer from the tap; no outstanding flavor, fairly light; over the evening, each of us downed twelve half-liter mugs without a problem. Bottled beer is available, too.

Service was quick and attentive, despite the crowds.

For the quantity you get, prices are very reasonable.

Bottom line: The location being quite away from the center of Vienna, I’d say it’s not worth a trip… unless your business partner in Vienna invites you to go there, together with the boys; it seems to be a good venue for parties.

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am 2. März 2013 um 23:59

12 Krügel ... na danke.

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