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Bürgerhof - Bewertung

am 28. Februar 2013
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Last week my mom arrived to me, so i decided to go with her in a really good restaurant with traditional meal, where we hadn’t been before. My friends from Vienna recommend me restaurant "Bürgerhof". It's not in a center, but they promised me a really traditional Austrian restaurant not for tourists with very tasty food, so we decided to go there.
To be honest, this place is worth to go there. So racy and I can even say, rich place. In contrast to other traditional restaurants in center of the city, there was a lot of free space and enough big menus. For me, who used to see only sausages and schnitzel, it was pleasant to see different various of traditional Vienna food, that a hadn’t seen before. I decided to taste Parisian schnitzel and goulash soup with strudel. And my mom, who likes healthy food, chose turkey, tomato salad with mozzarella and fried Mushrooms. Everything was very tasty! Very fresh and in big portions. Besides prices are more than acceptable.
Also as it was evening, restaurant was fool of people, and the whole atmosphere and friendly waiters made that evening really very cozy and pleasant. So i can recommend this place or those, who want to eat good traditional food and even taste something new in Austrian cousin, but who want to spend his time in beautiful, calm and comfortable place.

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am 28. Februar 2013 um 12:07

It's not a café.

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