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Flanagans - Bewertung

am 9. Juni 2012
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The worst Irish Pub I've ever been visiting so far, please don't care about the romantic picture shown here... No service even though everybody (of the service personal [!]) is staring at you while ignoring and once you received an ale (which is nearly impossible also on the bar seats) and offering some cumshaw you won't get anything back just as if the barkeeper wouldn't hear you..... In my opinion that's more than lousy, sorry. I've been visiting many Irish Pubs around the globe and expected something quite nice judging by the tavern sign and also the music and laughing inside.... In fact, the mood inside is quite nice (a miracle to me), but you will leave angry and disappointed. They might have their frequenters (???) but I cannot believe Vienna's that small you won't have any alternative to this....

By the way, I tried it twice 'cause I couldn't believe....Same shit, different evening, same sadness afterwards.

Just avoid that.

Sláinte Mhath!

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am 1. Mai 2013 um 11:57

On one point I beg to differ: Vienna, albeit being small in comparison to NYC, Paris or London, does have plenty of alternatives. Whether you're looking for an Irish pub, Italian restaurant, or a lokal hangout, there are a lot of nice places out there.

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martin am 30. April 2013 um 18:39

If everybody else is having a nice time. Maybe, it's you? Been there several time, always a pleasure.

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